“When you forgive, you in no way change the past-but you sure do change the future” by Bernard Meltzer.

Almost everyone in life gets hurt by someone. It could be a love affair that spoils. It could be a young child that is abused by his parents. It could be an adult that is bullied by his boss at work.

The truth is no one escapes being hurt by someone in their life.

When we are hurt, many of us harbor resentment toward the person or persons that hurt us. We think of retaliation. We want to get back at the person or persons that hurt us.

If allowed to fester, this resentment can ruin both our physical and mental health and thus have devastating consequences regarding our personal development.

There was a time in my life when a person I valued as a close friend and supporter greatly disappointed me. It caused me great pain. I could not let go of my anger. I realized eventually that this anger was draining me – both my time and energy. Upon a great deal of reflection, I was able to work through the process of forgiving both him and myself. As a result, I am much happier and less stressed. Forgiveness is a very powerful thing.

The following provides solutions for people who have been hurt by others and identifies ways for them to release their pent up resentment and anger. This in turn will allow them to lead more fulfilling and productive lives.

Definition of Forgiveness

Webster’s Dictionary defines forgiveness as “the act of forgiving: pardon.”

How to Deal With Our Emotions When Someone Hurts Us

The following are ways in which we can deal with our anger and resentment:

Acknowledge You Have Inner Feelings of Anger and Resentment

In order to heal yourself, you first need to recognize you have issues with anger and resentment as a result of being hurt by others. To fess up to the truth is difficult; not to acknowledge you have these issues is to remain in denial. Unless you owe up to the issues that confront you, they can never be resolved.


Once you have acknowledged your inner feelings of anger and  resentment, the next step is forgiveness of ourselves and others. Forgiveness releases us from the past. We do not have to personally meet those that have hurt us for the healing process to work.

Listed are some physical and mental exercises that can help those in need of releasing their anger.

Physical Exercise

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Eat healthy foods routinely do cardiovascular exercises such as running, brisk walking,biking and /or swimming. A regular exercise regimen can physically release much of the anger and resentment we have and reduce stress

Mental Exercise

Keep A Journal

1. Keep a journal of those who have offended you and why. Writing things down is a very liberating process and is key to healing.

2. Make a conscious decision to forgive and stick with your decision. This requires a strong positive attitude toward forgiveness and its benefits.

3. Remember that those who you forgive have probably had prior negative experiences that led to their behavior.

4. Once you have forgiven the person/s, throw the journal away. This represents closure and a new phase of your life.

Seek Professional Help

In some cases, the anger and bitterness we have inside is so deeply rooted that it might make sense to seek help from a trained professional.


Many people in life have been hurt by others.

This hurt can create anger, bitterness and resentment, and if left unchecked can affect our physical and emotional well being thus stifling our personal development.

Forgiveness of ourselves and of others that have hurt us can greatly reduce the anger and resentment we feel.

To help you alleviate much of your anger and resentment, and allow you to lead a more fulfilling and productive life, try some of the techniques mentioned above.



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Bob is a businessman, athlete, and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people progress personally through better self-awareness.

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