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Low Self-Esteem

Low Self-Esteem affects all aspects of a person’s life.

Many people suffer from low self-esteem which impacts both their personal and professional life.

People with low self-esteem generally have difficulty making decisions and often enter into toxic relationships.

Low self-esteem can sabotage an individual’s entire life including their personal development.

The purpose of this blog is to share with readers ways in which they can build up their own self-esteem.

Definition of Self-Esteem

Webster’s Dictionary defines self-esteem as “a confidence and satisfaction in oneself.”

In other words, self-esteem is how we view or value ourself as a person.

What Causes Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem originates in early childhood and adolescence.

Poor parenting is often a major factor in a child’s lack of self-esteem.

When parents are emotionally or physically abusive to their child, the child is led to believe that they are worthless.

Similarly, if a teen is bullied in school, the teen is shamed into believing that they are  unworthy.

These beliefs  are called negative core beliefs because they are formed in childhood and/or adolescence.

These negative core beliefs can be deeply rooted and can be hard to eradicate completely.

These negative core beliefs are not always reality based but simply what others said about us when we were too young to form our own judgments.

Some Signs of Low Self-Esteem

  • Too concerned about what others think
  • Tends toward perfectionism
  • Emotionally depressed and anxious
  • Isolate themselves from others; socially withdrawn
  • Lack of confidence
  • Fear of taking on new challenges
  • Very negative outlook on life

How You Can Improve Your Self-Esteem

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

What I have learned is that some type of cardiovascular exercise such as running, walking or swimming done on a routine basis can make you feel more confident. Of course, there are the additional health benefits exercise brings – both for the body and mind.

Try to eat a balanced healthy diet – proper nutrition feeds the mind, body and soul.

Taken together, you will feel better about yourself. When we emit positive “vibrations,” others pick up on it and respond accordingly.

The cycle builds and results in improved feelings about oneself.

Keep a journal and record the positive things happening to you

I find that writing down on paper what are the positives in your own life will make you feel much happier about yourself. Just writing down on paper what you have to be thankful for in your own life gives you a more positive outlook.

Initiate positive affirmations

Stand in front of the mirror and say for example, I am a good person; I believe in myself; I am successful in life repeatedly several times a day. Over time, these positive affirmations will make you feel more confident about yourself and they will refute your negative inner voice, thereby improving your self-esteem.

Set goals for yourself

Every year you should set up a goal setting plan for yourself and review it periodically – setting goals gives your life more purpose, direction and focus. In short, it makes you feel you life is more meaningful.

Seek professional help when necessary

Seek professional help to try to resolve your own issues.The right professional will greatly improve your self-esteem by providing the proper insights and support.


Low self-esteem permeates all areas of a person’s life.

Low self-esteem can have devastating consequences for an individual’s personal development.

It is important to remember that low self-esteem usually develops from negative experiences encountered in our early childhood and adolescence.

These negative experiences create beliefs that are not always reality based.

Sometimes professional help is necessary.

In this blog, I have shared with my readers different steps that they can take to build up their own self-esteem.

Improving self-esteem is an evolutionary process and takes time. Patience and determination  are key.


About the author: Bob

Bob is a businessman, athlete, and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people progress personally through better self-awareness.


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