“It’s necessary to be slightly underemployed if you are to do something significant”  James D. Watson

In our  present society, millions of people are both unemployed and underemployed.

It is difficult in these challenging times to find meaning in our work and consequently in our life.

A significant percentage of college graduates find themselves underemployed (assuming they can even land a job at all), saddled with substantial debt and living at home with their parents.

Many middle aged people find themselves underemployed in today’s fast changing market after being forced to leave their former full time positions to go into either part time jobs or jobs beneath their ability and/or qualifications.

Even taking all of these negative factors into account, there really are certain ” bright spots” to being underemployed.

This post is about people who are presently underemployed; and how they can use it to their advantage while at the same time enhance their personal development.

As a financial services recruiter for over 25 years, I had the opportunity to counsel many candidates about perspective jobs. In addition, I assisted candidates that were out of work or were underemployed.

Definition Of Underemployment

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines underemployment as ” the condition in which people in a labor force are employed at less than full-time or regular jobs inadequate with respect to their training or economic needs.”

How People Feel When They are Underemployed

Many people who are underemployed feel depressed, angry and have a loss of self esteem. The more time that goes by before they find a position in alignment with their qualifications, the more these feelings intensify.

The “Brighter” Aspects Of Being Underemployed – Another Viewpoint To Consider

  • Receiving A Paycheck – You are still receiving a paycheck although much smaller in many cases from that of your previous full time job.


  • Learning New Skills – You probably are learning some new skills that can help you in finding your ideal job. These skills may take you in a different career direction you had never thought about before.


  • Networking – You never know who you will meet – There is a saying that as one door shuts, another one opens. The more people you network with both online and offline, the more your chances increase to find an optimal job.


  • Broadening Your Horizons – Viewing Things From A Different Perspective – For example, if you were an executive and now you are in a staff position, you gain a better perspective on what it takes to get a job/task accomplished. This insight will give you a broader understanding and appreciation of colleagues/employees in the future.


  • Opportunities For Job Promotions – You may have the chance to be promoted when better economic times prevail.


  • Possibilities For Increased Free Time – You may have more free time. This time can be spent looking for your ideal job or doing something totally different that you never had time to do before.


There is another way to view underemployment.

The ability to look at the other side of the coin will help you in your personal growth and development.


” The world is full of people looking for spectacular happiness while they snub contentment.” Doug Larson

We live in a material world.

Having possessions and things are very important in this society.

People are fascinated and preoccupied by their gadgets such as their iPad and/or iPhone.

The person that has the most money is revered while the poor and indigent are reviled.

Stories about greed, avarice and corruption are constantly being exposed by the social media.

Enormous numbers of people are out of work with little hope of coming back into the workforce.

The family unit is falling apart. Relationships are reduced to email and texting. Families and friends often do not have the opportunity to spend enough quality time with each other.

In short, we are in a period of major upheaval, elimination and transition and millions of people are under an undue amount of stress. In other words, there is a great deal of discontent. At various times in my life, I have also experienced discontent.

The purpose of this blog will be to discuss how people in this unsettled world can obtain more peace of mind meaning contentment.

Fostering more serenity will ultimately impact the quality of one’s life as well as their personal development. More »


” Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think” Ayn Rand

The purpose of this blog is to shed light on some of the characteristics that foster financial gain and the accumulation of wealth.

In that regard, we will attempt to address the following questions:

  • How do people achieve financial success?
  • What are the characteristics of people who have been successful in pursuit of their financial goals?

As a professional recruiter for many years, I had the opportunity to speak and get to know countless candidates. These individuals were among the best and the  brightest in their fields, and they all shared a common desire – to achieve financial success.

The process involved in wealth accumulation directly impacts our personal development. More »


” The highest result of education is tolerance ” Helen Keller

As I enter the New Year 2014, my heart is filled with optimism and joy.

I look around and see a world where technology and the social media are dominating our lives.

Established ideas covering every spectrum of life are being reevaluated. Institutions are now being forced to reexamine their core beliefs just as individuals are being forced to do the same.

Subjects that were once taboo to discuss are now being discussed.

Laws are now being considered and/or passed that would not have been possible years ago.

It is a time of great uncertainty and upheaval as well as a time of great excitement.

One thing is for sure – our world will never be the same as it once was.

During these challenging times, there is one quality that is necessary if mankind is to co-exist in peace and harmony. That quality is tolerance.

We all need to be more tolerant of others and of ourselves if we are to successfully adapt to all of life’s vagaries.

Therefore, tolerance has a direct impact on our personal development. More »


The world  we live in abounds with anger. It exists on our streets, in our homes, on the internet and is pervasive throughout society. Anger has negative consequences both for our physical and mental well being.

We only need to watch our television and/or read our newspapers to hear horrible stories of the elderly being preyed upon because of their vulnerability, of domestic violence in the home between a husband and a wife and/or of confidential information being leaked over the internet in order to embarrass and/or harm someone.

Why is it that if you look at a stranger directly in the eyes, it can sometimes spark a fight of even worse lead to injury or death?

Is it that people around the globe are under more stress compared to prior periods of time?

Why are more and more students going into their schools and shooting their fellow teachers and/or students?

Why are we seeing more examples of disgruntled workers going back to their former place of employment and shooting their former employer and/or co-workers?

The reason many of these acts of violence are happening more frequently is the result of anger.

Anger can be expressed in many different ways and if left unchecked it can have devastating consequences to our personal development.

The purpose of this blog is to make our reader better understand some of the causes of anger and tips on how to control it. More »


In this complex world we live in, there is a special quality that can play a pivotal role in our personal development. That quality is called “resourcefulness.”

Resourcefulness can be found in all walks of life. Some examples include entrepreneurs in business, our soldiers on the battlefield and our medical staff in our emergency rooms. We all possess this quality however the level of resourcefulness varies from one individual to another.

I am reminded of one of my favorite books that I read as a child called Robinson Crusoe. In this book, Robinson Crusoe is shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island and successfully survives for years. He learns to adapt and uses the material he finds to make weapons and tools for his shelter and food. Without his resourcefulness, he would never have survived.

I am also reminded of my Boy Scout experience where I learned a set of skills which I practiced until I gained proficiency. As I increased by competency in the various skills (such as tying knots), I developed and gained confidence in myself and learned how to be resourceful. Through this experience, I attained a level of personal growth.

Are you aware of anyone who has demonstrated resourcefulness in their life?

Are you aware of the key characteristics that someone possesses who you consider to be resourceful?

In this post we will try to point out what it takes to be resourceful and how having this quality can have a major impact on your life. More »


The word “ambition” conjures up many different meanings and connotations and also raises many questions.

  • For example, is it a good thing or is it a bad thing for a person to have ambition?


  • What makes someone more ambitious than another?


  • Does being ambitious mean you have to be corrupt and lose your moral compass?

These are some of the questions I hope to address in this article. It should be noted that in my previous posts, I wrote about personality traits that impact ambition, such as motivation, self-esteem and procrastination. Ambition  gives us the drive to go after the things we really want in our lives.

Therefore, it plays an important role in our personal development. More »


Insomnia is a sleeping condition that is pervasive throughout the world.

In an article dated September 1, 2011 in the Los Angeles Times, entitled “Insomnia is a $63-billion drag on the economy, study says “it goes on to say the researchers from Harvard Medical School, the University of Michigan and elsewhere arrived at this figure by giving detailed questionnaires to more than  10,000 adults who were members of a large, nationwide health plan. The responses revealed that 23.2% of workers suffer from insomnia, as defined by psychiatrists and sleep experts.”

The study went on to conclude “that about two-thirds of lost productivity due to insomnia can actually be traced to workers who show up but are not as  productive as their rested peers. Among other problems, they make mistakes on the job or cause accidents.”

in my own life experience, I have friends and family that have had to deal with insomnia to one degree or another. Some of them experienced depression, anxiety and decreased concentration. Some of them felt totally dysfunctional and listless.

If left unchecked, insomnia can have serious consequences to our physical and mental health. Thus, insomnia taken to the extreme can be a major impediment to our personal development.

It is important to understand the causes of insomnia and ways to reduce its many  adverse effects. More »


They say we come into this world alone and leave this world alone.

How many additional moments during our life are we alone with our own internal thoughts whether we are single or in a relationship?

Loneliness is a prevailing condition for many millions of people in life and can lead to emptiness, sadness and depression if not resolved.

Loneliness can also affect us physically in the form of high blood pressure,car rdiovascular disease including hardening of the arteries and increased risk of stroke.

Technology has resulted in many people working “remotely” from home. This lack of face to face interaction can contribute to one’s feeling of isolation and loneliness. Email is not a substitute for personal interaction.

Coping effectively with loneliness therefore plays a significant role in our personal development.

Definition of Loneliness

Wikipedia defines loneliness as “a complex and usually unpleasant emotional response to isolation or lack of companionship”

There is a slight  but important distinction to be made between the meaning of  aloneness and loneliness. We can feel lonely even when we are surrounded by people. Alternatively we may or may not feel lonely when we are truly alone i.e. by ourselves.

What Are Some of the  Causes of Loneliness

  • Being abused and rejected by others- This type of  person tends to isolate themselves so as to protect  them from the hurt they experienced in their own life. This isolation further reinforces their loneliness. Many of these people suffer from low self-esteem as well.
  • Loss of a loved one – when people experience the loss of someone they  love, especially a spouse, there is generally a strong feeling of loneliness. Divorce can also lead to this emotion.
  • Aging –  in our current society, as people live longer, our culture has shifted from one of reverence and respect to how can I ease my burden? Many elderly are placed in nursing homes and neglected. We forget that although old in terms of years,these people have a heart and soul and feelings. They often feel isolated and alone away from their homes and families.
  • Social Media – email is not a substitute for personal interaction.
  • Genetics – some scientists have suggested there is a connection between genetics and loneliness

How To Cope With Loneliness

Some methods of coping with loneliness include:

  • Join groups, go to lectures and volunteer
  • Exercise and proper nutrition
  • Pet Therapy
  • Seek professional help including group therapy


Loneliness is  a serious condition that can affect you both mentally and physically.

It can have a negative impact on your personal development if left unchecked.

In order to lead a more fulfilling and productive life, try using some of the above mentioned methods for coping with loneliness.



What quality makes some people more successful than others?

What quality makes some people accomplish their goals while others fall short?

That quality is motivation.

Motivation is needed for people to lead a productive life and is a key ingredient in our personal development.

I am reminded of the story of JK Rowling. Having endured years of poverty, divorce from her first husband and the death of her mother, through sheer motivation she was able to complete the renowned Harry Potter series. As most people know, she became one of England’s and the world’s most famous novelists. She also became one of the richest women in the world.

Definition of Motivation

Webster’s Dictionary defines motivation as “the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something.”

Ways to Motivate Ourselves

  • Set a large goal – setting a large goal can be self-motivating
  • Set smaller goals to keep you on track. Small successes are self- perpetuating.
  • Get out of your comfort zone – confronting and overcoming your fears can create a lot of motivation.
  • Embrace failure and try to learn from your mistakes.
  • Have strong enough reasons for doing something.
  • Find out what makes you happy and do that as much as possible.


For motivation to succeed, you must create it and feel it within yourself.

Motivation is a major force in one’s life and allows you to achieve your goals.

Motivation is a key determinant  in one’s personal development.

In order to live a more fulfilling  and productive life, try following some of the previously mentioned ways of motivating yourself.