“A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.” by Bo Bennett.

In this post, we will discuss rejection in the workplace and how one can more effectively handle rejection when looking for a new job. You can be a college graduate who is looking to enter the workforce for the first time or someone already employed that wants to change their job.

Handling rejection is not easy but the fact is we all get rejected at some point in time. The ability to handle rejection and not let it cripple us will make a major difference in our life.

How we handle rejection is also an important part of our personal development.

Definition of Rejection

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines rejection as the act “to refuse to accept,consider,submit to, take for some purpose, or use.”

The Psychology Behind Rejection

Generally people who have been brought up in homes that are supportive and nurturing tend to handle rejection much better when compared to those that have been brought up in homes that are more critical and/or abusive. Thus the level of self-esteem one has is directly related to how well they handle rejection.

People brought up in homes that tend to be more negative are more prone to feeling more victimized when confronting rejection. They also have a lower level of self-esteem and tend to take rejection more personally. (See my article called Remedies For Low Self-Esteem).

Suggestions On How To Handle Workplace Rejection When Applying For A New Job

Numbers Game

Always try to have multiple interviews with different companies. Life is a numbers game. The  more opportunities and more interviews, the better the odds will work in your favor at some point in time. Do not try to put all your eggs in one basket. Always look for industries that are growing in different locations.

Job Strategy

After receiving a number of rejections and depending on how far you have gotten in the  process, reassess your approach. This includes reviewing your cover letter, your resume and interviewing techniques to ensure that you are doing the best you can to promote yourself. Learn as much about the company in advance of any company interviews. Your skills and accomplishments should align with the specific company requirements.

Career Counselor

You can also go over your cover letter,resume an interviewing techniques with a career counselor to obtain their feedback. This will probably require a fee but might be well worth it.


Keep networking as much as possible asking friends and colleagues if they have any referrals that could help you in your job search. Always be ready to share any job referrals with your friends and colleagues as well.


Do some form of cardiac exercise be it running,swimming or cycling to keep your mind and body in good shape.Exercise will reduce stress generated from your job search. Try to follow a healthy eating program. Some people find meditation helpful.


Become a volunteer and enjoy helping others. This type of work can be both fulfilling and is good for your self-esteem.

Positive Outlook

Never give up.Keep going until  you receive a job offer.Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude throughout the entire process. Remember,many people have launched successful careers later in life and/or in areas very different from their prior experiences.


Rejection is something we all experience in life.

Workplace rejection is the focus of this post.

Try engaging in some of the suggestions above to better handle workplace rejection.

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Bob is a businessman, athlete, and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people progress personally through better self-awareness.

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