” With self-discipline most anything is possible” Theodore Roosevelt

What is the reason some people are successful and others are not?

There is one answer and that is successful people employ self-discipline to achieve their goals and objectives whereas unsuccessful people do not.

Self-discipline can play a significant role in personal development and can be used in many areas of our life including financial, health and athletics.

I am reminded of the time when I was a child and I loved baseball. When I began learning how to hit a baseball, I was not that good. But I used to go to a park near my home (which had a baseball field) and every chance I got, I would try to get into a game with the other kids in the neighborhood. Even when there wasn’t a game to get into, I would take my bat and hit baseballs all day long. Practicing for hours every day honed my skill and I became a very good baseball hitter.  If it wasn’t for my passion coupled with my self-discipline, I would never have attained the tremendous skill I acquired in hitting a baseball.

There is a lesson I learned from my baseball experience – many things you want in life can be attained with the right amount of self-discipline.


Webster’s Dictionary defines self-discipline as a “correction or regulation of oneself for the sake of improvement”


How To Attain Self-Discipline

Self-Discipline is something you need to work at. It is an acquired skill.

For example, in my early 20’s I was in poor physical condition. When I walked just short distances I would get out of breath. I decided I needed to do something to get myself in better shape. These are the steps I took:

1.  Step 1 – I acknowledged the fact that I was in poor physical shape.

2.  Step 2 – I joined a local gym which had an Olympic sized pool. The length of the pool was 25 meters long. I decided to swim at least three times a week using the freestyle crawl stroke.  I set a goal for myself  to swim 72 lengths of the pool which is the equivalent of a mile  by the end of the year.

3. Step 3 –  I  created and executed a plan to initially be able to do one length of the pool each workout. It took me several weeks to be able to accomplish this. Then in the following weeks, I continued to add additional lengths to my workouts till at the end of the year I had accomplished my  goal of swimming 72 lengths. In other words, I divided my ultimate goal into sub goals which were realistic and attainable.


Self-discipline plays an essential role in an individual’s personal development.

Self-discipline is an acquired skill.

You have to work at it constantly.

Self-discipline can be utilized in every aspect of a person’s life.

In order to attain self-discipline you need to do the following:

  1. Acknowledge your present situation
  2. Set a specific goal for yourself and break the goal down into smaller steps.
  3. Create and execute a plan and follow up to make any necessary revisions.
















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Bob is a businessman, athlete, and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people progress personally through better self-awareness.

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