5 Springs Media is an internet marketing company with a focus in the field of Personal Development.

The purpose of this site is to provide you with the resources and strategies that will enable you to grow  and lead a more productive life.

Bob Taylor, the founder of 5 Springs Media, worked in the field of executive search for over 25 years, successfully conducting many senior level assignments with major financial institutions.He holds both a BA Degree from Lafayette College and an MS Degree from Trinity University.

Bob has extensive knowledge in the field of personal development. He has a passion for seeing people grow and has helped many individuals over time. Bob understands the unique challenges and opportunities that all of us confront  when entering the workforce, changing jobs and oftentimes careers, weathering transitions,  and enjoying healthy relationships that provide satisfaction and fulfillment throughout their life span. He brings a unique personality, insight and ability to relate to people from all walks of life. His instinct to focus on an individual’s strength and identify areas for improvement enables him to help others help themselves.

5 Spring Media brings Bob’s expertise and commitment to personal growth in a simple yet profoundly identifiable and useful manner. As you read his blogs on topics such as: Achieving Tolerance In An Intolerant World, The 3 Characteristics of Resourcefulness, How To Become More Assertive, and Remedies For Low Self Esteem, you will connect with Bob and his desire to motivate and enhance your own personal growth journey.