“Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future” Robert H. Schuller


Technology is changing at a rapid pace and having a direct impact on the way in which people and companies conduct business. Digital is taking over many of our brick and mortar companies of the  past. As a result, people are losing their jobs because they lack the necessary technological skills required in the new workplace culture.

Climate change is upon us. The entire eco system is being impacted. The weather has changed in certain areas of our globe.While some areas are now getting more storms and rainfall than ever before, others are becoming more dry and arid. The change in climate will ultimately affect all of the plants and animals that are a part of our planet.

Crime is increasing in some major cities. Homicides are also up in certain parts of our country as is criminal activity overall.

Greed prevails at the expense of others. Countless scandals have occurred where money was used illegally, or to the detriment of society as a whole.

Terrorism represents a new major global phenomenon. Random acts of violence and killings are resulting in great tragedy and adversely changing the way we live our lives.

Significant Disequilibrium between the  Rich and the Poor is becoming more pronounced, creating the  loss of a middle class, which is so vital for our economic prosperity. A very small percentage of the population has the vast majority of the total assets leaving a meager portion for the rest of society.

Social Media is exerting its influence on society. News stories reach us in seconds instead of days. This has fostered improper use and major repercussions on people’s reputations. Cyber Bullying has become a tool in intimidating people.

These are some of the most current trends facing our society today and as a consequence, many people are feeling more insecure about their future. They are feeling more alienated because they are losing one of the most important qualities for mankind to progress and that is a feeling of hope.

Hope allows us to circumvent and overcome obstacles in our life.

This post is about  the essential need for hope.

Hope is definitely related to personal development; without hope we don’t see any viable options for making our life better.

To start out, let’s define hope,faith and optimism. Although these terms have some similarities there does exist some subtle distinctions as well.

Definition of Hope, Faith and Optimism

Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines hope as “desire accompanied by expectation or belief in fulfillment.”

Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines optimism as “an inclination to  put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate  the best possible outcome.”

Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines faith as “allegiance to duty or a person.”

A well known psychologist believes that the major difference between optimism and hope is that optimism ignores reality whereas hope includes reality as it attempts to avoid obstacles.

That is to say, the optimist always looks at the world regardless of the conditions that prevail and irrespective of reality and believes the future is positive whereas the person with hope is restricted to their desires within the limits of reality.

The difference between faith and hope is the word “faith” is used in the sense of trust whereas the word “hope” is used in the sense of anticipation. Also, the word faith is often used in the context of religion and belief and faith in God.

Why Hope Is So Essential

Hope provides us with the drive to reach our goals.

Hopeful people are better able to find viable alternatives and strategies to solve their  problems.

Hope is an enormously strong motivator.

Hope believes that something good will ultimately happen in the future. Hopelessness like regret focuses on the past.

Thus, it is vital that people bring more hope into their lives in light of all the major trends mentioned above.

Some Shining Examples of Hope

An example of hope would be Liz Murray.  Liz was born in the Bronx on September 23, 1980. Both of her  parents were extremely poor and were addicted to drugs.  Liz became homeless just after she turned 15 when her mother died of AIDS and her father moved in to  a homeless shelter. Somehow with all these bad things happening to her, Liz eventually graduated high school in two years and was awarded the New York Times Scholarship for needy students. Ultimately, she was accepted and graduated Harvard University. One of the reasons she was able to graduate from Harvard was her hope and belief that she could overcome the obstacles she faced in her life and become someone special in this world.

Another example of hope was in a book I read called Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. She tells the story of  Louis Zamperini. He was an airman in World War 11. In May of 1943, his Army Air Forces bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean leaving him alone in a raft faced with thousands of miles of open ocean, leaping sharks and enemy aircraft. If this wasn’t enough to test him, he ultimately ended up being captured  and sent to a brutal Japanese Prisoner of War Camp. Throughout  all these challenges, Zamperini survived. He was only able to survive because of his indomitable will filled with hope and resolve.

Ways to Instill Hope

There are many ways to instill hope. Some of the ways are as follows:

  1. Build upon personal experiences where hope has resulted in a positive outcome. These experiences help support your journey and show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. Read inspiring books, audios and videos of people who have overcome adversity. The paths others have tread demonstrate that there is hope in overcoming many obstacles.
  3. Volunteer and get involved with others. This is a win-win situation; you both help others and get the focus off yourself.
  4. Improve your food regimen along with regular cardiovascular exercise. Endorphins fight depression and can change your mindset.
  5. Yoga and meditation allows you to take control and actively restructure your life. It gives you a finite time to re-evaluate and come to useful strategies for the future and thus empowers you.
  6. Visualization is a technique that allows you to actually see pictures of what your mind is focused on. This technique helps one to accomplish their goals in life, which is of vital importance. It gives you more self-confidence as well.
  7. Bereavement counseling provides help to those who have lost a loved one. When done in a group setting you can share your grief with others in the group. This can often help those grieving to know that they are not alone.


Our society is going through major changes.

Many people have lost hope during these changes.

It is essential that people regain a sense of hope in their lives.

There are at least 7 ways in which people can instill more hope in their lives. (Read above)

Hope is the key to personal fulfillment and contentment in your life.




About the author: Bob

Bob is a businessman, athlete, and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people progress personally through better self-awareness.


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